open studio 2020, with Publicación de Urxencia

In 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, THE PERMANENT WRITING LABORATORY launches the ZERO edition of an EMERGENCY SUPERFANZINE that is presented at the new open studio in Praza Toural. That event also featured sculptures by José Perozo, and a drawing and text piece by Alejandra Pombo. All this seasoned, of course, with Meiji paintings from the time of confinement.

Here it is the invitation:

New OPENSTUDIO in Plaza Toural, next SATURDAY 18 July, from 19.00:

We also have a very special guest for the occasion:
THE PERMANENT WRITING LABORATORY launching number ZERO of an URGENT SUPERFANZINE with unpublished and incredible texts by nine unpublished and incredible authors!! (they also say that one of these authors appears without clothes in the middle of the fanzine...)
And also two of these authors show other creations:
Jose Perozo his sculptures
and Alejandra Pombo a piece of drawing and text.
All this seasoned, of course, with Meiji paintings from the confined era. A mixed event of literature, sculpture and painting, permeable and promiscuous arts... Of course, meeting with all the requirements of the Covidia protocol (capacity, hydroalcoholic gel, distance...).

Come please (with mask)!!
Fantasy is served (and on sale!)
There will also be wine (for free)

*Members of the permanent writing laboratory: Sandra Lesta, José Carrillo, María López, Iván Folgueira, María Vigo, Daniel Calleja, Carlos Cartoné, Jose Perozo, Alejandra Pombo and María Meijide