de Ushuaia a la Quiaca

(con algo de México)

Trans-american travel book. 2017

In 2007 I flew to Argentina, and there I started a several months journey from Ushuaia to Bolivia, crossing part of the Chilean Patagonia. A beautiful and somehow bumpy ride through incredible landscapes, villages and cities. When I was arriving at the northern border, in la Quiaca, I received the news that I would be on scholarship in Mexico, so the trip took a leap to the State of Zacatecas. From Ushuaia to La Quiaca (with a bit of Mexico) is the graphic diary of this whole journey. Moving through the pages you can see the icy landscapes of Ushuaia (the southernmost city in the world), the glaciers of Torres del Paine, the iconic Perito Moreno, beautiful views drawn in endless bus hours, the Che Guevara Museum in Cordoba, the Cerro Uritorco, the Zócalo capitalino in the city of México, the funeral of Antonio Aguilar in Zacatecas, the colorful clothes of the Huicholes tribe, and much more! + info

Publication launch in LILA bookstore, Santiago de Compostela, May 2017. Self-publishing by crowdfunding on Verkami platform. Print run of 1250 copies.
Offset. Format 17×18 cm., dry-press cardboard cover, exposed spine, Japanese binding

Press: El Correo, Crtvg, La Voz