I use to make figurative painting with a realistic base and an autobiographical trace, although there are also pieces of text in my work, travel books editions and illustrated cartographies.
In general terms, it is an artistic production that works against the idea of ​​greatness (rhopography versus megagraphy). This work starts from day to day, and places us in the material base of life: the space to sleep, the food, the kitchen and its appliances, the work space, etc.
This focus on the concrete things, on the banal, implies an intimate subversion of certain narratives about what is important, great ideas, great dramas, and in turn, places the interest of my work in a living, material, movement.
It is a work rooted in the present.

It is structured in several blocks.
Workshop production, where study projects of intimate spaces and work from alive have a place, such as the title thesis: Intimidades propias y ajenas. Sobre la pintura de escenas de interior (Lisbon, 2012), and other projects such as Sábado tarde me enjabono (Tui, Pontevedra, 2019), Do amor e outras desordenes (Lisbon, ArteperiféricaCCB, 2012), Lisboa e outros assuntos de cama (COAG, Compostela, 2011), Asuntos de andar por casa y otras intimidades (Ponferrada, 2008), etc.

And dynamic production, where the travel books and other projects around the idea of ​​travel are located, such as the publication Oia Usté! (Pontevedra, 2019), From Ushuaia to La Quiaca (Compostela, 2017) From Kuala Lumpur to Beijing (Cgac, Santiago, 2015), the Emotional Map of Compostela (Fundación Granell, Santiago, 2014) or the Zacatecas Project developed in Mexico, in 2007.
The pieces of text inquire about the same interests as the pictorial voice, transferring this story of the present, intimate and alive, to other formats. The Pintora Meiji project (magic on paper, 2019), the Crónicas del presente in the exhibition Sábado tarde me enjabono or the recent publication of the notebook Quantified Autobiography or how difficult it is to be maría meijide ( Culturgal 2022, Pontevedra), belong to this heading.