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the personalized way
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One morning in September 2021, at the Muelle bar, Vero and Cyro tell me that they have a project for me. We cannot do it because we are not Galician, they clarify, but it is perfect for you, What is it? We have seen that the Camino de Santiago passes through many places, there are signs everywhere, in bars, restaurants..., yes, yes, I mean, it is a well-known route, there are paths from many parts of Europe, the French way, English, Primitive, Portuguese. People come here from all over the world, I insist, often freaks, although from Andalusia I think that the one who arrives is the one from the Vía de la Plata. And why don't you include us on the WAY?
Your RARA art residency as the first stop on the newly conceived CAMINO MEIJI? YEAH. You come here and we make the signs in ceramics.
But the project is yours. No, no, it's yours. No, no, it's yours. No, no, it's yours. No, no, it's yours. No, no, it's yours. No, no, it's yours. No, no, it's yours. No, no, it's yours. No, no, it's yours. No, no, it's yours. No, no, it's yours. No, no, it's yours. No, no, it's yours. No, no, it's yours. No, no, it's yours. Allright...
If all roads lead to Rome, why not to Santiago?
The town is going to be full of pilgrims, I said. And full of European subsidies, I add. You have the map and the travel books, says Vero, it's perfect for you.
On February 8, 2023, at ten past seven in the morning, I leave my house, go down 3 floors, 2 steps and call a taxi. I get into the taxi, travel three kilometers, get out of the taxi, enter the train station and get on an AVE to Madrid: Madrid Chamartín. The train arrives late, I get off, I go up some escalators, I run, I skip two checkpoints and a metal door, I go down the stairs again, I get on a regional train to Atocha. I get off the train, run again, cough like a thisic and get on another high-speed train: an AVE to Malaga with a stop in Antequera, Santa Ana. Cyro García is waiting for me at the station in a car. What's up Gallega? We cover 43 kilometers and finally, after 60 steps, a taxi, two high-speed trains, a suburban train, a couple of obstacle races, and another journey by car, at 3:40 on Wednesday, February 8, 2023, I arrive at Villanueva del Rosario, northeastern region, sierra of Malaga.

Welcome to The CAMINO MEIJI, the personalized way , the delivery way... A route that from today joins RARA in Villanueva del Rosario with the city of Santiago de Compostela, from which we are separated by exactly 744.58 kilometers in a straight line until km 0 in the Plaza del Obradoiro, (although if we do the route by road it is more than a thousand kilometers).
The Meiji way is a new way of doing the Camino de Santiago, which is why it includes its iconography, although with some small changes. But the bottom line is that it honors the same values ​​as this ancient pilgrimage route. And that are, above all, the values ​​of generosity, hospitality and friendship, without a doubt the values ​​of RARA residence!

(If you are interested in having the Meiji Way pass through your establishment, house, town or country, contact with the subject Camino delivery. JOIN US!)