mapa emocional

A first, this map was a commissioned job that I didn't feel like too much. The idea of an exhaustive and precise cartography was very rigid for me, but little by little I reconciled myself with the project. I discovered that all cartography responds to a worldview, an ideology, and that my worldview of Santiago was as valid as any other.
In this map places and people represent emotional icons from an organic and vibrant city: a colourful and chaotic livelihood in which we can mirror ourselves and be touched by it.
The location and size of things responds not to its cartographic sense but to a subjective recording
Who knows? This may be the definitive way to make us all feel closer to the intimate reality of Santiago de Compostela!

Today it has become in a classic.

Author's cartography in watercolor and collage. Offset reproduction.
Print run of 1000 copies. Currently 4th edition.
Poster format 50X70 cm, rolled in cardboard tube with sticker.
Launch at the Fundacion Granell , Santiago de Compostela, August 31, 2014.

(The map can be purchased at the wonderful price of 15 €)

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