Between you and me there is a painted room

Super complete article from super artist, curator, manager, mediator, etc... Iria Vázquez about my artistic work, on the occasion of the IX edition of MujeresMirandoMujeres
Incredible and surprising things: Gracie mile IRIA!!!


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Mujeres Mirando Mujeres


self-awareness from sensuality

The journalist Ana G. Liste delves into the exhibition Pánico no museo and the publication of Autobiografía cuantificada ou que difícil é ser maría meijide.
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Auobiografía cuantificada

The incredible Tamara Montero, the most talkative reporter, had the courtesy of coming to my solo show: Pánic in the museum, at the Granell Foundation and she wrote this article.
We talk about everything, quantified autobiographies, Inditex Fauvism and other matters of capital importance. So click on the link, please!


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La Voz de Galicia


Interview in the tv program ZIG ZAG

The Zig Zag TV program interviews María Meijide on the occasion of her exhibition Pánico no museo, at the Eugenio Granell Foundation and the imminent publication Autobiografía cuantificada ou que difícil e ser María Meijide, with Tulipa Editorial, and which will be presented at Culturgal22.

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TV programa Zig Zag


Maria Meijide in Granell Fundation

Fátima Otero writes a complete article about the exhibition Pánico no museo, by María Meijide at the Eugenio Granell Foundation

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El Correo Gallego


Panic in the museum

The artist María Meijide inaugurated yesterday Pánico no museo at the Eugenio Granell Foundation after her residency at the entity. In her project, she narrates current life in an autobiographical way in the form of a large expanded diary. We can see her friends, her family and also the spaces of the museum. The exhibition is made up of more than twenty pieces, almost all acrylic paint with the presence of notebook notes and a neon piece.The show will be open until January 29.

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La Voz de Galicia diario cultural radio libertad digital radio


Premio Jesús Nuñez

With her work Drama en el polígono, María Meijide from Compostela is the winner of the VI International Prize for Graphic Art organized by the Diputación de A Coruña. Made with a mixed technique, Meijide's work was chosen by a jury made up of Miriam Pérez Fernández, Marta María Fermín Rodríguez, Isabel García Elorrieta, Manuel Ignacio Martínez Antelo and Jesús Mateos Brea, and chaired by the person in charge of the Equality area of ​​the Diputación, María Muíño, with the head of the Cultural Action service, Mercedes Fernández-Albalat Ruiz, as secretary. The jury meeting was attended by the award curator, Pedro Galilea, and the president of the CIEC Foundation, Jesús Núñez. 135 works from 23 different countries were submitted to the contest.

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La voz de Galicia Deputacio da Coruña El correo gallego culturagalega


The South of Galicia seems to be by Hopper. Cans travel book

The inauguration of the exhibition by María Meijide will be the first activity of the big week of the Cans Festival: The South of Galicia seems to be by Hopper. Cans travel book. The works portray that peri-urban southern Galicia, dotted with roads and industrial estates. With a nod to the paintings of the American Edward Hopper, in this proposal, architecture and landscape come together in a dilapidated and highly recognizable industrial beauty.

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Festival de Cans Galicia press Faro de Vigo Atlá


Allegro andante dunha sinfonía de cor

Sweet friends from Os catro Gatos came to visit my studio and did this complete interview for Pincha magazine. Grazie mile!!

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Revista Pincha



Interview from El Correo Gallego

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El Correo


From Ushuaia to La Quiaca

Press releases and interviews on the occasion of the publication of the travel book From Ushuaia to La Quiaca, December 2017


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La Voz de Galicia CRTVG El correo gallego Diario cultural Radio Euskadi


En Asia hai unha pulsión de vida

The writer and journalist Alberto Ramos signs this exhaustive interview on the occasion of the publication of my travelbook: From Kuala Lumpur to Beijing

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A viaxeira da luz

The writer and playwright Carlos Santiago interviews María Meijide on the occasion of her recent exhibition at the Metro gallery: Amigos, amores e otras cousas

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