all my friends

Portraits since 2006

My friends used to be my models. Also my family, my roommates, my lovers and sometimes, a custom model.
All these portraits are made from life in more or less comfortable posing sessions.

This is how Rebe appears dressed and naked, Antón from his navel to his knees, Mon pensador, My cousin from Zumosol (Mi primo el de Zumosol), Gabriela and ceramics, etc.

Quién es quién is a 2x5 meter piece with 24 portraits in a square format. The characters have a name and telephone number, making a nod to the Who's Who game board.

These paintings were exhibited in Brussels, Parcours  d’Artists of St. Gilles, May 2010, Lisbon, Do Amor e outras desordens, Arteperiférica, CCB, February 2012,  in Santiago de Compostela, Amigos, amores e outras cousas, Galería Metro,  December 2012, Qué ves cando me ves? Casa