text art

actions with text

These pieces of text inquire about the same interests as the pictorial voice: eating, drinking, loving, transferring this story of the present, intimate and alive, to other formats. The Pintora Meiji project (magic on paper, 2019), or the Chronicles of the present in the exhibition Sábado tarde me enjabono, (Tui, 2019), belong, among others, to this epigraph.

todos mis amigos me ponen cachonda

led neon on methacrylate, 2022

This luminous piece was made for the solo exhibition Pánico no museo at the Eugenio Granell Foundation, (October 2022/January 2023)
The entire exhibition is traversed by a personal and autobiographical narrative that seems to connect with the present through a hedonistic and intimate look.
In a sensual warning, this piece is proclaimed as the title of a large series of portraits of friends, lovers and family.

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confined chronicles

Text on facebook, variable measures, May 2020

Narrative of the immediate present, text publications, photos and videos on Facebook, as a result of the participation in #lacamacovid19 project, by Verónica Ruth Frías + Cyro García Rodríguez. Part of these texts were published in Publicación de Urxencia n.0, a fanzine by the Permanent Creative Writing Laboratory, lounched on July 18, 2020 at the 4th edition of Open Studios Pazo Meiji, Compostela, 2020.

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pintora meiji

Magic on paper, variable measures, 2019

Advertising on the windshields of cars as African santeros use to do.
This happening was made in the streets of Compostela and Villanueva del Rosario (Málaga).
It was born from a competition on advertising with the artist Lúa Gándara: Which advertising is better and more effective?

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acción en sábado tarde me enjabono

Action in my solo exhibition SÁBADO TARDE ME ENJABONO, creation and projection of live text.

Narrative of the immediate present of what happens in an exhibition, Tui, (Pontevedra), 2019.

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