quantified autobiography

or how difficult it is to be maria meijide


This text is a quantified autobiography and, at the same time, an invitation.
It is a narrative defining me in sections, but also anyone reading it, because it works as a set of mirrors too.
That what you read about me is a question for you.
Readers are invited to fill in blanks. It is a representation form.
The readers answer takes part in an open project about endless shared writing.
In another sense, this quantified autobiography is a piece rooted in the present, as much in content as in form. A brief life story during the last 42 years organized and set in quantities as in a self-service restaurant form. It is also a campaign against bad life: Join it!

First edition of 600 copies, calligraphy notebook format, 21x15 cm, co-published with Tulipa editorial, November 2022. With presentations at Culturgal22, cultural industries fair, Pontevedra, November 2022 / Cronopios, Santiago, December 2022 / Villanueva del Rosario, Málaga , February 2023, etc.

The publication, halfway between literature and conceptual art, opens an endless shared writing project.
At the end of the book you will find an email where you can send your writings. Participate please!


Galician and Spanish version